These Summer Holidays, Lani’s biggest goal was to bake a Pusheen Cake. Like the bulk of tweens, she and her sisters are huge fans of Pusheens and have a combined collection that is pretty impressive (12 I think?) and she couldn’t wait to surprise her sisters with this epic cake she had planned. Only problem is…I am her cooking mentor which for any aspiring chef is not a good thing 🙈🤣

I have to admit I was concerned that my less than refined cooking skills combined with never working with fondant in my life in combination with her artistic expectations and perfectionism was going to result in a proper meltdown. But what do you know! We did it! Sure it is a little rough around the edges and we almost used flour for the buttercream (but we didn’t!), and while I am not about to take on a baking career,  no meltdowns occurred and the cake tasted good

Pusheen Cake

Take a look at the saga in video below ⬇️

But back to Pusheens and what we can learn from this craze!

I am not usually a fan of trends and certainly not stuffed toys clogging my house! Trends to me represent sameness and a desire to fit in based on societal expectations (which as you all know, is the exact opposite of what I stand for). So I couldn’t help wonder why I was getting sucked into the Pusheen vortex along with my tween daughters (and often questioning if I am a bigger fan than they are?! 🙃)

At the surface, Pusheen is a quirky looking thing. She is a funny shaped cat with a predictable obsession with nutritionally-void snacks and seriously awesome costumes. She also has an equally eclectic social circle (Stormy, Pip, Sloth – you name it, they are quirky!) They are a sensory delight being super soft and squishy and not to mention adorable! What is not to love?

Making this cake initiated me to go down the adhd rabbit hole of researching the origins of Pusheen. I discovered that she is based on a real cat – and that her name; Pusheen means kitten in Gaelic! And those who know me know that I am a sucker for anything literal (It is the daily gift I recieve from having Autistic daughters aka Yellow Ladybugs 🤣) and this got me thinking.

The world has fallen in love with Pusheen. She is the subject of an ingenious marketing campaign and is featured in GIFs, on facebook’s messenger set up and across so much merchandise (targeted at women, children and men!) Her quirky appearance, quirky friends and her binge eating habits have taken the world by storm…​If only the world saw quirky humans with the same level of endearment

PS, Lani is baking in style in her Hibiscus Backbender Skater Dress 

PUSHEEN CAKE 1 from Lani the Carni on Vimeo.

PUSHEEN CAKE 2 from Lani the Carni on Vimeo.

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