yellow ladybugs

Hello Carni lovers!

Today I wanted to share that the LTC team is proudly collaborating with the wonderful organisation Yellow Ladybugs; which is an advocacy group for Autistic girls and women. We are offering a sweatshirt as part of a giveaway contest on Facebook! Follow this link to enter!

Yellow Ladybugs is dedicated to celebrating the diversity that Autistic girls bring to the community and are doing a wonderful job, not only shining a positive light on these wonderful girls and women, but also lobbying to government agencies and educating the community to spread awareness in a bid for change.

Acceptance, awareness and celebration of neurodiversity is an area which Lani the Carni is deeply passionate about, because the real Lani would never have been a Carni if it weren’t for all the positivity surrounding her neurological differences and drawing on her strengths instead of focussing greatly on her challenges.

When Lani was 6 years old she was the most unco, out of time, inattentive little dancer – definitely her mother’s child 🤣

Nonetheless she loved her classes and was blissfully unaware that in the back of my mind, each class posed a risk of head injuries and broken bones 🤣 I made a joking comment to her ballet teacher about the unlikelihood of a dance career, to which she said “Stranger things have happened”.

Little did I know that the wonderful “Miss Kaye” had noticed Lani’s inattention and social communication difficulties as much as she had also noticed her visual learning style, work ethic and motivation. And as much as I thought she was humouring me at the time, four years following this conversation Lani participated in ballet scholarships.

It took one person to take the time to see Lani for who she is. It took one person to recognise and celebrate her differences and draw on her strengths to give her an opportunity to thrive and succeed. And I couldn’t be more grateful, because for what I didn’t see at the time as Lani’s mother, Miss Kaye saw clearly. From there, Lani took up Circus Arts and is deeply passionate about ballet, contortion and aerial acrobatics.

People like Miss Kaye change the world because they don’t dismiss people who think or act differently. They accept, accommodate and have high expectations of people who are different and see their potential and the value they add to the world.

We need organisations like Yellow Ladybugs to create more Miss Kayes and provide, not just a community, but a tribe for these girls who often otherwise are existing in a world they can’t relate to.

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