Australian Springtime usually means warmer days and cool evenings. Untimely growth spurts are common too as us parent’s just want to wait for summer to update the kid’s wardrobes (Murphy’s law 🤣 – happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!) The pain of this is real – Lani literally just complained she needs new school shoes the other day, and really, could her feet not wait until the summer break?! 🤣

The look of the week has this in mind as springtime outfits should be versatile enough to cater to the ebbs and flows of the season changes – this means the ability to layer, choice of open or closed footwear and of course breathable fabric!

We are absolutely digging the double taupe look with our Taupe Acrobat Troupe Tee and Taupe Acrobat Midi Harem Pants for springtime ventures – ensuring full mobility for dance, acro, circus or gym training and ultra comfy for weekend hangs. As per all our styles, these are made with premium quality cotton/spandex which are unbelievably soft and stretchy ensuring that not only will you look fab, you won’t want to take them off!  

The harems are mid length for warmer days, and throw on one of our hoodies or sweatshirts for those cooler mornings (tip, our mustard daredevil contortionist sweatshirt looks amazing with this outfit!) 

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