Turns out our gear is so ridiculously comfy it is not only ideal for dancing and weekend antics, it is also perfect for travel 😎

Lani and I overcame every single possible hurdle to make our flight to Shanghai last week.

I thought our flight was direct. It wasn’t.

Assuming our first domestic flight was on time, we had an hour to catch a bus to change terminals via bus and go through immigration.

Our flight got held up by air traffic control.

Then we landed as boarding for our shanghai flight commenced.

We got stuck in a queue to get onto the bus in spite of our express passes.

When we arrived at the international terminal the door got stuck for several stressful minutes and we couldn’t get inside. By now, boarding had commenced 20 minutes ago.

We finally made it inside.

Security made the express people unpack all our bags (there was nothing express about this) 😂

I got chosen to be tested for explosives.

Our gate was the furthest away so Lani and I bolted, fuelled purely by Adrenalin as we left the house way too early for breakfast (not to mention coffee 😂)

I had an asthma attack from running with our bags.

Lani desperately needed to pee but that pee would have cost us our flight.

We also had to throw away our water during security so both of us are panting like dehydrated wildlife in a bushfire.

We arrived at the gate. They let us go down the tarmac. By the time we got down the door to the plane was shut and the tarmac was no longer attached.

Spacer and Ventolin on hand, I am gasping for air as I call out to the one person walking down the tarmac.

He escorts Lani and I down the backend and we literally collapse in our chairs.

The plane begins to taxi and I commence my asthma management plan. Lani is holding on to her pee like a champion until thank goodness, after what feels like an eternity that seatbelt light turns off and we are settled for 11 hours until we touch down in magnificent Shanghai.

All I can say is, thank goodness I only brought one child 😂

As for Lani, thank goodness she was dressed for the challenge. The non-constrictive, stretchy softness of Lani’s outfit kept her looking and feeling awesome throughout the pre-flight chaos as well as lounging on the long-haul flight. Check out our Dusty Pink Aerialist Hoodie, our Taupe Acrobat Troupe Tee and Taupe Midi Harem pants for your travel-ventures, especially with Christmas coming up, Yay! Holiday time!

Now a special thanks to Qantas and all the peeps flying to Shanghai that day for waiting! Anyone else been “those late people” holding up a flight? Also check out below our awesome landing into Shanghai! What a sunset!

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