Acrodance Winter Collection

The Acrodance Collection is the very first range from Lani the Carni. Released in for AW19, the collection features ultra cool hoodies, sweatshirts, dresses, unitards, harem pants, leggings and tees with an acrobatic/circus vibe. A fusion between streetwear, activewear and dancewear for tweens, the Lani the Carni Acrodance range is sure to be a hit for your tween dance/gymnastic/acrobat tween fashionista!

The range features a unique and stylish cohesive dusty pastel palette and is made from premium quality cotton/spandex which is ultra soft and stretchy. All the styles are designed to maximise mobility and comfort for all activity (or inactivity) with generous hoods, wider necklines, no sewn on tags and simple designs that minimise seams for those who are sensory adverse or have sensory processing disorder.