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Soggy Crackers

Diving Coconuts tastes like soggy crackers

By Natalie Cunningham | January 8, 2020

What do I mean Diving Coconuts tastes like soggy crackers? What I mean is that I am a bigger oddball than you could ever believe…. It turns out that Elsa ❄️ and I have something in common – we’re both…

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Pusheens and Inclusion

By Natalie Cunningham | January 3, 2020

  These Summer Holidays, Lani’s biggest goal was to bake a Pusheen Cake. Like the bulk of tweens, she and her sisters are huge fans of Pusheens and have a combined collection that is pretty impressive (12 I think?) and…

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Look of the Week: The perfect Beach Combo

Look of the Week – The perfect Beach Combo

By Natalie Cunningham | December 23, 2019

  Summer is well and truly here and this week we are crushing on this perfect combo for an ultra cool look that is practical and comfy for all day beach play! Dusty pastels and tropical prints bring on those…

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Are you going away these holidays? What will you be taking with you to wear?

By Natalie Cunningham | December 19, 2019

It’s summer holiday time across Australia and families are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, New Years and even prepare for long awaited holidays whether they be driving holidays, interstate or overseas holidays. The countdown is on and anticipation and excitement…

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This business life

By Natalie Cunningham | October 9, 2019

​A lot of people have commented that it looks like Lani the Carni is doing well and it is easy to come across in the virtual world as eternally positive and flourishing (both personally and in a business sense). I know…

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Look of the week – Candy floss ombre street dress

By Natalie Cunningham | October 8, 2019

You know what we are loving about our candy floss ombre street dress? The fact that it sums up what Lani the Carni is all about – a fusion of dance and streetwear 🤸🏻‍♀️😎 We obviously are obsessed with our…

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How our gear (and maybe Ventolin) saved the day!

By Natalie Cunningham | October 3, 2019

Turns out our gear is so ridiculously comfy it is not only ideal for dancing and weekend antics, it is also perfect for travel 😎 Lani and I overcame every single possible hurdle to make our flight to Shanghai last…

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Look of the week – double taupe for spring!

By Natalie Cunningham | September 29, 2019

Australian Springtime usually means warmer days and cool evenings. Untimely growth spurts are common too as us parent’s just want to wait for summer to update the kid’s wardrobes (Murphy’s law 🤣 – happens EVERY. SINGLE. TIME!) The pain of…

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Kindness is not just a social media buzzword

By Natalie Cunningham | September 14, 2019

Just two days ago it was RUOK day which is a movement to advocate for community support for those suffering from mental health conditions in a bid to save the lives of those most vulnerable to suicide. Mental health conditions,…

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How Lani the Carni incorporate a sense of inclusion in modelling for neurodiverse children

By Natalie Cunningham | August 9, 2019

With the upcoming Hip Hop Luau fashion shoot, it has provoked thoughts about inclusion in modelling for those who are neurodiverse and how we can ensure we are aiming to facilitate inclusion and create a sense of belonging and capability for our tween fashion models

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Are we sensory friendly?

By Natalie Cunningham | August 3, 2019

Why nobody, including Lani the Carni is sensory friendly and how we incorporate an inclusive mindset for the needs of neurodivergent children, tweens and teens

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Celebrate quirky – encouraging storytelling over conformity and societal submissiveness

By Natalie Cunningham | July 27, 2019

What quirky means to us in the fashion world and our responsibility as a brand and society to embrace individuality and encourage story telling rather than conformity.

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I am totally #quirkylikelani

By Natalie Cunningham | July 20, 2019

Hi LTC #quirkylikelani fam! I hope you are all having a great week! I am just at the back of almost a week of interstate travel where all three of my kids competed in dance comps across three days back…

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yellow ladybugs

Love for Yellow Ladybugs

By Natalie Cunningham | July 7, 2019

Hello Carni lovers! Today I wanted to share that the LTC team is proudly collaborating with the wonderful organisation Yellow Ladybugs; which is an advocacy group for Autistic girls and women. We are offering a sweatshirt as part of a…

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The unitard – an offer just for you!

By Natalie Cunningham | June 30, 2019

Hi guys! For those of you who read our newsletter you would know that our signature unitard was the seed for the whole Lani the Carni concept! It was developed after Natalie’s daughter returned home from aerial acrobatics class with…

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