It’s summer holiday time across Australia and families are getting ready to celebrate Christmas, New Years and even prepare for long awaited holidays whether they be driving holidays, interstate or overseas holidays. The countdown is on and anticipation and excitement high, but the burden and indecision about packing your kids’ clothing for these trips is just as high. At least Lani the Carni makes clothes packing for your holidays a cinch with our summer range being stylish, sophisticated and super cool.

This blog had me thinking about the time we drove to Sydney to visit my brother, sister in law and the girls’ cousins only to drive home a few days earlier than expected due to the Sydney family being plagued by gastro. We packed up and headed home in record time hoping that we’d avoided catching any germs and bringing them across state lines, but the pathogens had hit and hit hard. In the car. With all five of us sitting in this confined space with a vomitron and butt-eruptor. It was hell. We stopped at many restrooms on the journey back, one in ‘Bogolong’ street. You just can’t script that justify!? The town is forever called ‘Shitsville’ to us. And just when you think things couldn’t get any funnier, when stopping in Goulburn posing for pics under the ‘Big Merino’ with her sisters, Seychelle accidentally headbutted the cement sheeps’ balls. And before you ask, yes this is captured for all eternity, and now, shared with you.


Back to holidays and packing for them…..

Whether you’re going on an overnight, road or plane trip our ranges of dresses and skirts, tees and tanks, swimsuits and bloomers are the perfect addition to your packing list. With soft, breathable and tagless styles, you are on trend and look on pointe (ok, no ‘e’ but I’m adding a ballet angle) without your comfort being compromised. Our Hip Hop Luau range’s fabric and styles folds and rolls up neatly (and remains crinkle free when unfolded/unrolled) and saves lots of room for you to be able to bring home all those souvenirs and keepsakes.

Our range is truly versatile, with some pieces like our Banana Ballerina Midi Dress being perfect for both day and night. Pair it with our olive tube shrug and you’ve got a ‘thrown-on casual clothes’ outfit that looks both fabulous and perfectly styled…. just like a messy bun that looks just ‘messy’ enough to be sophisticated. Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about!

Wishing you all a safe, happy and merry holidays!! We can’t wait to share with you throughout 2020 more Lani the Carni designs, ranges and pieces that will bring out your inner Carni!

Nat x

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